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Hanji using her gear and (in the tune of Wicked) defyyyyying gravityyy!

Hanji © snk

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talking to someone and they go offline straight away


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word of the wise: be careful and remember to keep your dildos off the windowsill so others don’t see them


remember that I have a sketchbook blog and am very happy to accept prompts there



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I should stop.



by けろ

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ever since i lost an arm and a leg in that freak piano accident uve been referring to me as 0.5 of a person and i dont appreciate it AT ALL

how do you know I wasn’t talking about ghosts???? hmmmm?? they don’t have bodies anymore but are still people

how insensitive

I think on average I have about 0.5 people to talk to on a daily basis


Ymir’s joint interview with Historia is out ”Together with Krista, I’m willing to come”


When asked if they have got confessed to before
Ymir: If you’re talking about those guys trying to pass her a love letter via me, I tore them up, and threw them away on the spot.
Krista: Eh?! Those poor thing…
Ymir: I’m not gonna hand my Krista over to spineless losers who lack the courage to even speak to her.

ユミ 私を好きになる物好きはいないと思う

Ymir: I don’t think there’s anyone who’d like me. Someone even told me “You don’t seem like a person who’d be interested in guys”

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Personality Types Under Stress: INFJ


The agreeable nature and quiet personality of INFJs makes them particularly vulnerable to hurt feelings. Distress within close relationships can shatter the INFJ. Like all NFs under stress, INFJs feel fragmented and lost — as if they are acting out a part rather than simply being themselves. This disassociation can be related to physical symptoms for the INFJ, whether real or imagined. Feeling split off from their physical natures, INFJs may become virtually immobilized by repressed feelings.

Although INFJs may feel like remaining still and stationary until the chaos and confusion of a stressful situation dissipates, it would be best for them to actively sort out their needs from others. Being excessively cooperative and agreeable, the INFJ has a tendency to adopt values and beliefs of others as their own. When external conflicts grow, so does the INFJ’s sense of personal disharmony. Disassociating themselves from others takes a great deal of effort for the INFJ.

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I’ve been losing followers like crazy can someone pls promo me

go follow my favorite butthole

low battery

All credit goes to the masterpost…posters. Because they’re great people.
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ymir doesnt even like tacos

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